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Why is it important to complete your private data?

Safe Creative is based on the technology to generate evidence of authorship as solid as economic and comfortable. However, to achieve the best evidence it is necessary to have the best information. ​​Therefore the strength of a registration depends very much on the quality of the information each user provides.

In addition to the file representing the work to be of sufficient quality to identify the work upon which to build the evidence, it is essential that user’s personal data is complete, accurate and up to date.

If we do not put the full name or last name, only use initials, there are typos or information is out of date, future certificates, taking the default information available at the time of registration, will also be generated incomplete and perhaps even wrong. This may involve a number of problems especially if you want to use the evidence authorship independently from Safe Creative.

So the more and better information you fill in, the better it will be to make the most out of the evidence generated in Safe Creative. So remember to fill out with the best and accurate information. Those who already have done it, periodically verify that the email, your address and any other information is perfectly updated and without errors.

To enter or verify the existing information, go to “My Account” “Personal Data”:



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