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What is a copyright registry for?

A registry of a copyrighted work can be used as an authorship proof for a specific work and for the rights the author deserves (read our glossary).

Is a typical system to protect authors’ rights specially for recently created works. In these situation a work is under the risk of being plagiarised by third parties that can take the work and distribute by certain ways before the creator does. In other cases, the registry is useful for preserving the state, content and rights expressly defined by the creator, so users can look up the registry to see the status of a certain work.

Except in some legislations, the registration of a work creates no rights, it is just a way to demonstrate and display them.

The author who after creating a work registers it, gets a registration testimony (a digital certificate at Safe Creative) saying that at a specific time the author claims authorship upon it and this can be shown through the copy left in deposit.

This way the author when starts to distribute copies, models or first copies of the work, if somebody else tried to claim the authorship of it, the real author will have an earlier in time proof that says he/she is the author.

Another service for additional protection, and with a preventive and deterrent effect is to include, in any distribution or display of the work, the label of Safe Creative’s registered works we provide along with each registration; this will state that the author already has a protection mechanism against plagiarism.

See our glossary: http://en.safecreative.net/glossary/

Maximize your registration: http://en.safecreative.net/2013/04/16/maximize-your-registration/



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