Validity Check

The registration of works in intellectual property registries, before disseminating them, provides the creators (and to their owners) an ideal means of protection to prove their authorship and rights in case of controversy on the part of from a third party, to allow us to demonstrate that the work existed and that it was available before another person or entity.

The inscriptions in intellectual property registries operate, therefore, as juris presumptions tantum; that is, they are admitted as proof of authorship and rights, but they can be questioned and lose their effectiveness if, for example, an inscription of rights of previous date will be presented.

Protocol for possible copyright infringement by a user of the service

Safe Creative has a "Protocol in case of possible copyright infringement by a user of the service", that allows you to initiate an internal claim in the event that a third party considers that the information contained in the Registry of Safe Creative is incorrect or violates your rights.

In these cases, the registry information may be challenged or be invalidated, and therefore the registration certificates issued previously would not respond to the situation current registry.


At Safe Creative we recommend checking the validity of registrations and registration data, at least always prior to using a work.

You can check if the inscriptions of authorship or rights of a work have been questioned or invalidated by indicating the registration number of the work below:

If you want to report irregularities in the registration of any work, you can do so from the link "Notify irregularities in this registry" that you will find on its information page that you can access from the log query.

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