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What does the "Business" subscription include?

The Business subscription provides advanced services for:


  • Legal entities, companies, or organizations that need to declare proprietary or related rights on works.
  • Companies, firms, or IP managers dedicated to managing and protecting the rights of their authors, represented individuals, or clients.


It includes unlimited use of the following services:


  • All services included in the Personal subscription.
  • Unlimited registration of related and licensed rights.
  • 100 GB of storage space (expandable).
  • Multi-user access.
  • Registration of records by delegation or mandate (up to 50 represented individuals, expandable).
  • Up to 200 informed registrations per year for related rights of unrepresented authors.
  • Certified publishing service.
  • Processing of 6 registrations in the U.S. Copyright Office with no management fees (only U.S. fees).
  • Free enrollment in the Safe Creative Legal Experts directory (for lawyers and professional IP managers).


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