Safe Creative is the largest electronic registry of copyright online.

Copyright protection with legal evidence

Safe Creative's services generate technological evidence that proves the existence of artistic, scientific or literary creations on a given date, together with the declarations of authorship or ownership of rights declared by the registrant.

The evidence is generated using redundant cryptographic technology and time stamping, which allows the registered work to be identified without any possible margin of error, as well as the date of registration in the registry.

By registering the works before communicating them to third parties or making them public, the author has a proof that does not expire and can be kept indefinitely if he needs to prove that possible similar or identical works are later.

Safe Creative reinforces the evidence strength of its records, adding to the triple process of cryptographic identification and time stamping applied, a daily audit process on the Ethereum blockchain3 thus giving universal legal validity:

· In European legislation, the guarantee of the date and time of registration is the maximum possible, as it is based on a time stamp with European qualification, carried out by a certification authority with technical and administrative independence from Safe Creative 1.

· The inalterability of the registered information is guaranteed by its electronic signature, whose certificate also has European qualification, and has been issued by a technically and administratively independent certification authority of Safe Creative 2.

These guarantees are also reinforced by a daily audit process on blockchain of all documents, making their validity unquestionable in legislation that could question or consider the guarantees of European legislation insufficient, thus giving coverage to possible litigation in any country.

1 Time stamping service of a digital trust service provider with European qualification EU Regulation 910 2014, independent of Safe Creative.
2 Electronic signature of Safe Creative issued by a provider of digital trust services with European qualification Regulation UE910 2014, independent of Safe Creative.
3 On the Ethereum blockchain.

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