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How works Safe Creative:
Register, show and sell

Preparing the work

To create the proofs as a rights holder of the works that you create in Safe Creative, you will need to provide files with the work in question that will be saved together with your declaration as such.

In addition, if you have drafts, sketches and other elements prior to the final work, you can upload them as part of your creative process in the “Drafts” option to create technological proof of their existence. For this, create a folder with a project name and add all these elements that we will later link to the final registered work.

Register work copyright declarations

Once you have finished the first version of the final work, go to “Register” and follow the steps of the wizard. Select the type of work, upload the file or provide the link where it is, complete the data of the work, such as title, reservation of rights, etc. and confirm what statement you want to make, usually as the author of the work. You can also add other co-authors now, or later, if any.

Once the work is registered, you can, if you have done it before, link the previously uploaded drafts, the creative process.

You already have your work registered, you already have the best proof, so take the opportunity to download the certificates.

Show and sell your works

It's time to make your work known and get performance from it:

With your subscription you can now publish your work on your public Creators profile. Activate your creator profile to be public and link the registered works that you want to be shown in it.

In addition you can activate that they can buy licenses to use your works. To activate the possibility that others can buy licenses to use your work, go to each one you want and click on the option to edit work information or license work. Select the type of license you want to activate. Buyers will be able to select the type of use for the work.

Set the price and you're done. You will receive information when someone buys the license. A license document in PDF or NFT format will be generated for the buyer, which will include the link to the permanent page with information on the purchased license.

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