Human - AI


Information on the human or artificial nature of the contents, as well as their factual or fictitious nature, is increasingly necessary to:

Ensuring the protection of copyrights

By means of the declaration of creativity, the person who assumes responsibility for the authorship of a work informs if it has been created by a person or by an artificial intelligence, responsibly offering the necessary information to determine the legal considerations for the protection of copyrights that may be applicable in each jurisdiction.

Avoid misinformation

For AI-generated content, which is not factual, it is important and in many jurisdictions it may even be mandatory (*) to report to avoid misinformation or confusion.

Strengthen the reliability of real content

To improve the transparency and credibility of works and information of factual content that may raise doubts about their authenticity.

(*) Art. 52.3 of the Proposal for a Regulation of the European Parliament and of the Council establishing harmonized rules on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence Law).

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