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What is the Copyright experts assistance?

This is a service included in subscriptions.

By contracting a subscription users will be able to ask general copyright related questions to experts in copyright matters. This service shall not imply the reviewing or drafting of claims, legal representation, demands, complaints, contracts, reports or opinions or other writings, actions or administrative or judicial proceedings.

Also allows access to our general copyright frequent questions database without limitation. The database contains resolved queries, reports, articles and analysis developed by copyright experts according to the most common or relevant issues that have been and that will be keep being proposed .

Letters of “Cease and Desist” that can be used in alleged copyright infractions.

And, also without limitation, the assisted drafting, through the access to the repository of most commonly used contract models, for copyrighted works.

This service is provided by non-lawyers not being nor substituting proper legal advice by any means. To get legal advice you will need to contact a lawyer directly and or check the ones we recommend here.

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