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Can I delete or transfer a file?

When you send a file to register, you can allow it to remain as unfinished or make it final in which case no further modification of the title, file and your identification can be made. If unfinished you can modify the title and the deposited content itself. You can also delete it all.

While unfinished registration you may rectify anything you might have forgotten, or  make a last minute correction, or get the labels with the registration code to include it in the very work.

Registered works can be deleted from the edition page, but for security reasons for those users who might have consulted the registrations and the rights*, the deletion means that the inscription will not appear on the queries of the registry, but Safe Creative keeps the information as a security procedure.

*With regards to rights transferences, it is necessary to distinguish between moral and exploitation rights:

  • Moral rights (authorship, integrity and disclosure) cannot be waived and are inalienable as stated at the 14th article of the Intellectual Property Law of Spain. In other countries, like USA, Canada, Great Britain, this is different for there are not moral rights as they are understood in the Continental Law.
  • Exploitation rights (distribution, reproduction and public communication) can be waived; and once registered posterior registration can be made modifying the license. It’s also expected, during the evolution of the beta, to consider rights’ transferences.


Safe Creative allows the registration of copyrights to authorship rights registered works, showing in the inscription:

  • The title of the right,
  • The area of operation,
  • The time scope and
  • The environment in which such ownership is specified.


All this recorded information can be retrieved from our website and documented through our registration declaration note for each registered work.



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