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What are registration technological proofs?

The technological proofs offered by Safe Creative are of two types:

a) A Registration Proof Package of the registered work, which includes the original work, or the description, which allows its identification, to guarantee the date of possession of the given work.

b) Rights Declaration Registration Certificate as proof of the original registrations declaration of rights.


a) The Registraton Proof Package of the work includes, in a single file, the components capable of uniquely identifying the work, the date and time of its registration:

  • The registered file / description of the work.
  • Three file hashes: SHA1, SHA256 and SHA512 (for records prior to 11/11/2019 MD5 is displayed instead of SHA256).
  • Two time stamps records: Safe Stamper time stamp and stamp from an approved certification authority in the European Union.

b) Rights Declaration Registration include documents, signed by Safe Creative ,with the time stamp of the exact time of its recording in Safe Creative with the rights reserve declared by the user.


This is a complete evidence to provide to technical experts in judicial or arbitration proceedings, capable of irrefutably identifying the work, the time of registration, as well as the rights declarations made.


Read more about the legal strenght of the proofs you generate in Safe Creative.


To open the time stamps in the case of proof of registration of the work there are programs and services online:

Online: http://lapo.it/asn1js/

For Windows: http://www.obj-sys.com/asn1-viewer.php


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