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Registration of articles and publications from a blog

In this case, the blog acts as a publishing platform, like any other, where one or several authors can publish different "posts" that do not necessarily have the same license. It is possible that the author publishes a work on the blog and later publishes it in a magazine, book, or disk in the future.

You can register the publications of your blog in three different ways:

  1. Manual registration: Before publishing each entry on your blog, you must have prepared the file of the work you wish to register on your device (PC, computer, tablet, or phone). Once registered on Safe Creative, you can proceed to publish it on your blog.
  2. With the URL: Immediately after publishing an entry on your blog, you can perform a manual registration without the need to provide a file. You simply have to provide the URL of the article and our system will take a PDF snapshot of the web page.
  3. Automated registration via feed: If you wish to automatically register all the publications of your blog, you can use registration via feed. This implies that each time you publish a new entry, it will automatically be registered in Safe Creative.

Suggestion: Once registered, you can include the HTML code of the registration tag in the article itself, which will link directly to the corresponding information page. In case of using automated registration, you will also have a generic tag, which will inform about all the registrations."


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