FAQs Safe Creative - What do I have to do and what information should I provide to ease the U.S. Copyright Office registration of my work?

What do I have to do and what information should I provide to ease the U.S. Copyright Office registration of my work?

To start this process you have to:

  • Locate the work in "Registrations" or "Start".
  • Click on the work management button (pencil).
  • Go to the "Services" tab
  • Click on "External Services".
  • Select U.S. Copyright office to open the wizard.

To register works which are in Safe Creative at USCO you need to provide us with some additional information and data. Though we already have much of the required information the rest should be provided in an assisted process.

1) Work Data

Title: title of the work to be registered. By default the system uses the same title as it appears in Safe Creative, but it can be changed.
Type of work: select the type of work. If neither type corresponds to the work to be registered, do not continue with the process, make sure is a kind of work that USCO allows to be registered through it’s electronic office, or contact Safe Creative.
Published work verification work: if the work has already been published you must check this box.
Date of first publication: if published, write the date the work was published for the first time.
Country of first publication: if the work has been published in several countries, select the first in which it was published.
Year of creation: the year the work was originally created, which may be before the date of publication or the same year. By default the system takes the year the work was recorded in Safe Creative, but since it might have been created before, you can tell the correct date here.
Standard Code Type: there are different types of standard code numbers depending on the type of content. Select any of the international standard code types corresponding to the published work.
Standard Code Number: enter here the international standard number of this published work. Note that the standard code is usually different depending on the type of work we are dealing with.

2) Authors

This screen will allow you to set the different contributions of authors to the work.
If more than one author, you will be able to specify the contribution of each.
Name, middle name and surname are taken from the existing default information in the database, but can be modified.
Country of Residence: current country of residence of the author.
If you want to register under pseudonyms instead of real name, check the box “This author uses the following pseudonym” and then type the alias you use.
You must specify which is the author’s contribution or contributions to the work being registered.
In “other” you can write a type of contribution that is not listed among the options displayed for this type of content.

3) Holders of rights

This screen shows all the record-holders of the work rights that have been stated in Safe Creative, with name, surname, address, and other information. All of them must have be previously registered at Safe Creative for this work.
Include in the USCO registration (must be owner of rights in the U.S.) this box is checked when the ownership of rights is valid in the USA.
Address 1: regular direction
Address 2: you can add a second contact address
Type of rights transfer: you must specify the type of transfer of rights that has been made. If it is “author” those are by default, but if you are not author of the work you must specify whether it is by writing agreement, by will or otherwise. If “other” you must specify which is it in the box to that effect.

4) Contact and Shipping

In this screen we specify up to two contact addresses for two different purposes:
Contact: is optional and allows that people interested in the work they see at USCO registration information system can get in touch with the person who applyed for registration.
Mailing Address: this address will be used by USCO to send you their registration certificate once finished.

5) Review and Payment

This screen displays a summary of what is going to be sent to be registered, and all the information provided to that effect. It is important to make sure everything is correct, and if not, correct it before sending.
Completing the process
Once everything is correct we must hit “finalize registration”.
At that time the system will present us a screen with the terms of use to be read. Once reviewed go to accept them by checking the bottom right checkbox.
Payment of the service
After you give the ok to the terms of use you will be prompted to pay the marked amount by the wizard.




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