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How can I verify my identity?

In order for your identity to appear as "Verified by Safe Creative" you can request a verification process.

First you will need to fill all the requested data: First and last name, country, mobile phoe to which we can send a SMS for confirmation, national ID number, postal address, city or town and zip code. 

Also you need to provide two photographs.

1.- That of an official identity document (see below: valid documents). 
2.- Your own photograph showing your identity document.

The photograph of the identity document must be of sufficient quality and resolution to be legible.

In the photograph showing the identity document, your face must appear without hats or accessories that hinder recognition and with sufficient lighting and sharpness.

The name and surname of your user account must match exactly with the name and surname on your ID card. If there is any difference between your current registration, you can adjust them during the identity verification process.

After filling all the data you will receive a SMS with a code for your phone verification. Write it in the page and hit "Verify code".

Now you can upload the images of your national ID document and of you holding it. 

Our staff will check all the information and will get back to you confirming or letting you know if you need to restart the process again.


Valid official identity documents.

The following identity documents are recognized, as long as they are the official ones of your country and include a photograph.

  • DNI or Passport
  • Voter's registration card
  • Driver's license
  • Official documentation of name change Tribal identification or Native American Indian credentials
  • Visa, residency permit or immigration papers


Identification document must be valid (do not send expired documents);
Your identification document must be a color copy;
It must show your photograph, full name, date of birth, a signature and document number;
The image must be of sufficient quality to be legible and show all four edges of the document.
It must be sent in *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.bmp, *.gif, *.png or *.pdf file format.

If it is a passport it must be open on the page with your photo and passport number;


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