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What is and how does the blockchain registration audit?

The incorporation of the Blockchain technology in Safe Creative adds an unquestionable audit process due to the public and indelible nature of the blockchain, but it has been implemented in such a way that this same strength does not compromise the privacy rights of Safe Creative users.


For this reason the audit file, instead of containing the works or the information of the registrations and their rights holders, contains the digital fingerprints of the same. In this way, if the fingerprint of the registered file corresponds to that included in the audit file, it is guaranteed that it is the same, so didn’t go under any modification.


The audit system generates an electronic document in XML format every 24 hours with the list of cryptographic footprints of all registration proofs generated in Safe Creative, and incorporates the XML’s hash into the blockchain.

This process allows detecting any modification in a registration test or in the audit XML itself.


From the "info in blockchain" icon found in the worksheet, you can check the necessary information to perform the audit of the record.


This information shows:

1.- The cryptographic footprints of the work and registered inscriptions.

2.- Link to the audit XML file together with its hash.

3.- Link to check the transaction in blockchain.


From the link of the file or XML audit file it’s possible to check the text in which the registration hashes are found.


From the link to check the address in blockchain you can verify that the hash of the audit file is registered in the blockchain.


Link to independently check SHA-256 hashes of files:




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