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What is automatic registration via feed and how to activate it?

Automatic registration via feed is a functionality that allows you to automatically register all the posts on your blog as they are being published. It uses screenshots of the link of the post referred to in the feed and includes them in a PDF document that is registered.

To access the automatic registration via feed functionality, you need to go to “SERVICES” / “Automated Registrations” / “Registration Feed” / “Add a work feed”. Once there, you can set up the feed by entering the RSS address, the blog address, associating the content type, registration profile, etc.

You can register feeds of files, images, podcasts, etc., as long as the specific feed that allows access to those contents is provided.

Important note on automated registration from an RSS feed:

  • Some blogs with special designs may not be suitable for complete automatic registration of works. It is recommended to regularly check that everything is being registered correctly.
  • When using automatic registrations via RSS feed from blogs, keep in mind that web addresses can display different information depending on the location or the browser used. This can affect the appearance and availability of information when making the registration. Also, if the website requires user interaction, it may not be possible to automatically access the desired information.

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